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6 June 2003

Ghana Government Gazette dated 2003-06-06 number 27

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           GHANA                                            g GAZETTE

                                           Published by Authority

No. 27                                       FRIDAY, 6th JUNE                                              2003

         Notice of Publication of an Executive Instrument                                            130
         Notice of Publication of Official Bulletins                                                 130
         The National Weekly Lotto Results                                                           130
         Licence for lhe Celebration of Marriages — Public Place of Worship (Ref. “Kingdom Hall
             of Jehovah's Witnesses, New Fadama,/\ccra,\)                                    ..      130
         Licence for lhe Celebration of Marriages—Public Place of Worship (Ref. "Jesus Connection
           Prayer Ministries Int., Abossey Okai, Accran)..                   ..        ..       ..   130
         Licence for the Celebration of Mam ages—Public Place of Worship (Ref. “Assemblies of God,
          Redemption Centre, La, Accra")                                                       ..    130
         Appoinimcni of Marriage Officer—(The Lord's Garden Ministry International)             ..   131
         Appoinimcni of Marriage Officer—(Christian Evangelical Ministry)                       ..   131
         Appoinimcni of Marriage Officer—(New Life International Church)                             131
         Change of Names ..
         Change of Dale of Births                                                                    132
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