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28 November 2003

Ghana Government Gazette dated 2003-11-28 number 53

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            GHANA                                                                   GAZETTE

                                            Published by Authority

No. 53                                 FRIDAY, 28th NOVEMBER                                                  2003


         Nonce of Publication of an Executive Insiiumcni                                                446

          The Nationul Mid-Weekly Lotto Rcsulis                                                         446
         The Naiioiuil Weekly Loilo Rcsulis                                                             446

         Licence Ibr 由c Cclebnilion of Maniagcs—Public Place of Woiiihip (Ref. uOverconicrs Faith
           Minislrics Inc. Batsona, Accra") ..        ..         ..                  ..         ..      446
         Licence lor ihe Cclcbialion ol' Marriages—Public Place of Worship (Ref. Cliurch of Pentecost
          District Mission House, New Town, Koforidua, II/No.KNT/C 273.)                                446

         I .iccnce lor (he (elchiution of Maniagcs—Public Place o「Worship (Ref. Church of Pentecost
           Srodai Asseml)ly, Srodai.)                                                                   447

         Licence lor die ('clehraiion of Man iagcs—l^uhlic Place of Worship {Ref. Church of Pentecost
          Ebcnczcr/\sscnibly,()|)|)osilc (Iliana Secondary School)                                      447

         ..icencc lor the CelcbraLion ol Man iagcs一Public Place of Worship (Ref. Church of Pentecost
          z\(la Assembly, Ada)                                                                          447

         Appciiå±±ncni of Marriage OlTicers (Church of Christ)         ..        ..                       447

         Appomtincnl of Marriage OlTicers (Adoni lunmanuel Power Church)                                447

         AppoiiKincm ol VlaiTiagc Olllcers (Ovcrcoinci s Faith Ministries Inc.)                         448

         AppoiiiiineiH <>l Marriage OlTicers (Watered Garden)                                           448

         Xoticc ol Enviioninental Pcrmils                                                               449

         Change of Nume.s ..                                                                            450
         (\)itccii()ii Notice   ..                                                                      452
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