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23 March 2018

Ghana Government Gazette dated 2018-03-23 number 34

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           GHANA                                                                        GAZETTE

                                                  Published by Authority
No. 34                                          FRIDAY, 23RD MARCH                                              2018

                                                          CONTENTS                                           Page

  Notice of Publication    ofa Bill                                                                          748

  Notice of Publication    of Executive     Instruments                                                      748

  Notice of Publication    of an Official     Bulletin-                                                      748

  Licence for the Celebration of Marriages-Public           Place of Worship (Central   G race Charismatic
    Ministries, New Bortianor)                                                                               748

  Re:Appointment    of Marriage    Officers     (The Apostolic   Church,   Ghana)                            748

  Change of Names                                                                                            749

  Change   of Dates of Birth                                                                                 756

  Change   of Places of Bir-th                                                                               758

  Change of Name of a Church                                                                                 758
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