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25 June 2018

Ghana Government Gazette dated 2018-06-25 number 78

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           GHANA                                                                          GAZETTE

                                               Published by Authority

No. 78                                   MONDAY 25TH JUNE                                                     2018

                                                  CONTENTS                                                 Page

  Notice of Publication of Official Bulletin                                                               1474
  Licence for the Celebration of Marriages--Public Place of Worship (Church of joshua,     New Takoradi)   1474
  Appointment   of a Marriage Officer (Salvation     Grace Outreach)         .                             L474
  Appointment   of Marriage Officers (Harvest      Chapel   International,       Accra)                    1474
  Gazette Notice -Constitution    and Bye-laws of Numo Nmashie Family                                      1475
  Change of Names                                                                                          1477

  Change of Dates of Birth                                                                                 1479
  Change of Places of Birth                                                                                1480
  Change of Name ofa Church                                                                                1480
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