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3 August 2018

Ghana Government Gazette dated 2018-08-03 number 97

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             GHANA                                                                                 GAZETTE

                                                     Published by Authority

No. 97                                             FRIDAY, 3RD AUGUST                                                                    2018

                                                            CONTENTS                                                                  Page

   Notice of Publication      ofExecutive        Instruments                                                                          1752

  Notice of Publication     of an Official      Bulletin       ..                                                                      1752

  Licence    for the Celebration      of Marriages-Public             Place of Worship (Landmark           Chapel    International,

    Suhum)                                                                                                                             1752
  Appointment     or a   Marriage     Officer (Eagle       Triumphant        Chapel,   Takoradi)                                       1752
  Appointment     of Marriage       Officers   (Pentecostal         Banner   of God Prayer     Ministry,     Agona    Nkwanta)         1752

  Change     of Names                                                                                                                 1753

  Change     of Dates of Birth                                                                                                        1763
  Change of Place of Birth                                                                                                            1764
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