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10 October 2018

Ghana Government Gazette dated 2018-10-10 number 131

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          GHANA                                                         GAZETTE

                                         Published by Authority

No. 131                            WEDNESDAY, 10TH OCTOBER                                         2018

                                             CONTENTS                                            Page

  Notice of Publication of Executive Instruments                                                 2206

  Notice of Publicationof an Official Bulletin ..                                                2206

  Licence for the Celebrationof Marriages-Public Place of Worship(The Methodist Church Ghana
     Bethel Society, Takoradi)                                                                   2206
  Licence for the Celebration of Marriages-Public Place of Worship(Living Hope Baptist Church,
     Sefwi Wiawso)                                                                               2206

  Appointmentof a Marriage Officer (Holy Apostolic Reformed Church, Ghana)                       2206

  Change of Names                                                                                 2207

  Change of Dates of Birth                                                                        2214

  Change of Places of Birth                                                                       2216
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