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10 January 1910

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1910-01-10 number 244a

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                    OFFICIAL GAZETTE
                                             Ol THE


          Published under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of East Africa,

      Vol. XIL—No. 244a.]             NAIROBI, JANUARY 10, 1910.               [PRICE 20 CENTS.

                                         AN ORDINANCE
                                         a          ~         ~                                      {

                                        No. 1 of 1910.

                  To amend the Customs Ordinance 1904.                                    Title.

                                                        [ January 10th, 1910. |            Date.

     BE it enacted by the Governor of the Hast Africa Protectorate with the
advice and consent of the Legislative Council thereof :—

     1.    This Ordinance may be cited as “ The Customs Tariff Ordinance 1909.” Short title.
     2. Onand after the publication of this Ordinance there shall be raised, Customs duties
levied, collected and paid unto His Majesty, his heirs and successors for the use leviable.
of the Government of the East Africa Protectorate upon goods imported into
and exported from the Hast Africa Protectorate, the several duties of customs
as the same are respectively inserted, described and set forth in the 1st and
Qnd Tables of duties of customs to this Ordinance annexed.
     Provided that
         (1) It shall be lawful for the importer or exporter if he so desire to Proviso.
                   pay the import or export duty leviable on goods imported or
                   exported by him in kind, if the nature of such goods permit of
                   such payment.
            (2)   Goods received in payment of duty shall be sold by public auction
                   or otherwise disposed of as the Chief of Customsshall direct
                   and the sum received therefor   credited       to the revenue of the
    3.     The goods enumerated and described in the 38rd table to this Ordinance Goods exempt
annexed shall and may be imported free of daty,                                  from import duty.
    +. (1). The value of goods upon which duty is leviable ad valorem shall,
                for the purposes of this Ordinance, be deemedto be the cash
                price for which the goods are capable of being sold in the
                Customs House without profit or loss to the importer or exporter Definition
                   atthe time and place of importation or exportation, as the case
                   may be, without any abatement or deduction whatever, except
                   (in the case of goods imported ) of the amount of duties payable
                   on the importation thereof.
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