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7 April 1910

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1910-04-07 number 250a

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                           OFFICIAL GAZETTE

I)                                                  O F THE

        EAST AFRICA                                                         PROTECTORATE.

               Published under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of East Africa.
           Vol. XI/.-No.   250n. ]            NAIROBI, APRIL 7, 1910.               [ PRICE 20 CENTS.
        -            4

           236s ExceZkeazcy laas a p p ~ o v e dof the folloauimg 6ilZ.s &e%.qzg
                   a t the mext ~ n e e t i m gof the Leg6sZn86we Co%bmcik.

                                   TABLE O F CONTENTS.

           .  A Bill intituled an Ordinance t o amend the Pena,l Code Ordinance, 1910.
           2. A Bill i n t i t ~ ~ l ean
                                       d Ordillaiice t o Aineiid tlie Land Titles Ordinance 1908.
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