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29 January 1912

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1912-01-29 number 2931

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                   OFFICIAL                                     GAZETTE

                                                    OF THE

EAST AFRICA                                                            PROTECTORATE.

                 Published under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of East Afp ICa,
Seamed             RE               erry

Vol XIV—No 2931|                              NAIROBI, JANUARY 29, 1912            [PRICE 20 CENTS

         fis            Excellency          has   approved of the following Bills being
mtrodiuced at the next meeting of the Legislative Council.

                                                                        T. 8S. THOMAS,

                                                           Clerk to the Legislative Council.

                                           TABLE    OF     CONTENTS

         t         A Bill mtttuled an Ordmanee to amend the Law Relating to the Administrat on ot the
                      Kistate ot Deceased Peisons
                   A Bull intituled an Oidimance to amend the Forest O1dinance, 1911

                   A Ball wntituled an Oidinance to amend the Ostiich Ordinance, 1907

                   A. Bill intituled an Oidinance to make provision for the Registiation of Trade Marks

                        in the Kast Africa Protectorate
                   A Bil wtituled an O1dmance to amend the Master and Servants Ordmance, LO1O
         Ne fl

         6         <A Builaintitauled an O1dmance to amend the Native Hut and Poll Tax Ordinaike, 1910
          7        A Bill mtituled an O1dimance to amend the Customs Tariff Ordinance, 1910
         S         A Bill iwatiteled an O1dmance to make provision for the Payment ot a Polll Pax hv
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