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7 May 1912

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1912-05-07 number 300a

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            OFFICIAL                                  GAZETTE
                                          OF THE


       Published under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of East Africa.

 Vol XIV —No 3800a |]               NAIROBI, MAY 7th, 1912                 [PRICE 20 CENTS

   His Kacellency has approved of the following Bilis being
introduced at the next meeting of the Legislative Council.

                                                                  E. P. EVANS,
                                                Clerk to the Legislative Council.

                            TABLE        Of     CONTENTS.

         A Bill intituled The Kine’s African Rifles Ordinance, 1912

         A Ball intituled an Oidinance to Regulate Sales by Auction

         A. Bull intituled an Ordinance to Make Further and better piovision for the prevention

            of the Spread of Small-Pox
  4      <A Bill intituled an Oidinance, to amend the Hast Africa Police Ordinance, 1910.
         A Bill intituled an Ordinance to make Provision for the Piotection of the Wattle

            Bark Industry
         A Bull mtituled an Oidinance to amend the Customs Tariff Ordinance, 1909

         A. Bill intituled an Ordinance to Charge the P1incipal and Interest of certain advances
            made to the Goveinment of the Hast Africa Protectorate by way of Loan for the
            constiuction of ceitaim Pubhe Works upon the General Revenue of the
  8      <A Bill intituled The Interpretation and General Clauses Ordinance, 1912
         A Bill intitued an O.dimance to make further and better provision m regard to the

            poweis and duties of Native Chiefs, Councils and Headmen recognised or appomted
           by the Governor and to provide for the enforcement of Native Authority
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