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21 October 1912

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1912-10-21 number 311a

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                         OFFICIAL GAZETTE

                                                      OF THE





                   Published under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of East Africa.

               Vol XIV—No 8lla]             NAIROBI, OCTOBER 29th, 1912              [PRICE 20 CENTS.

                                           MONDAY, 21 OCTOBER, 1912
                                                  BY THE KING
                                           A PROCLAMATION.
             GHEORGHE, h 1
                 Whereas we aie happily at Peace with all Sovereigns, Powers and States
                 And whereas a State of War unhappily exists between His Impeuial Majesty The Sultan
             of Turkey and then Majesties The Kings of Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro and Servia, and
             between their respective Subjects, and others mhabitmg within then Countries, Teriitories or
                 And whereas We are on Tetms of Friendship and amicable intercourse with each of these
             Poweis, and with then several Subjects, and others mhabiting within then              Countries,
             Teritoiies, or Dominions
                 And wheieas great numbers of Our Loyal Subjects reside and car1y on Commerce, and
             possess Property and Establishments, and enjoy various Rights and Privileges, within the
             Dominions of each of the aforesaid Powers, protected by the Faith of Treaties between Us and
             each of the aforesaid Poweis
                 And whereas We, being desirous of preserving to Our Subjects the Blessings of Peace,
             which they now happily enjoy, are firmly purposed and determined to maintain a strict and
             impartial Neutrality in the saul State of War unhappily existing between the aforesaid
                  We, therefore, have thought fit, by and with the advice of Our Privy Council, to issue
             this Our Royal Proclamation
                 And We do hereby strictly charge and command all Ow loving Subjects to govern
             themselves accordingly, and to observe a strict neutrality in and durmg the aforesaid War,
             and to abstain from violatmg o1 contiavening either the Laws and Statutes of the Realm m
             this behalt, or the Laws of Nations imielation thereto, as they will answer to the contraryat
             their peril
                  And whereas in and by a ceitain Statute made and passed im a Session of Parhament
             holden in the 33rd and 84th year of the reign of Her late Majesty Queen Victovia, mtituled
             “ An Act to Regulate the conduct ot He: Majesty’s Subjects during the existence of Hostilities
             between Foreign States with which Her Majesty 1s at Peace,” if 1s, among other things,
             declared and enacted as follows
                  “This Act shall extend to all the Dommions of Hei Majesty, meluding the adjacent
             territorial Waters
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