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13 January 1915

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1915-01-13 number 2

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Supplement No 2 of 1915 to Official Gazette of January 13th, 1915




EAST AFRICA                                                         PROTEGTORATE.

      Published under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of East Africa,

 Vol XVI! —Supplement No 2)                   NAIROBI, January 13th, 1915

     His Excellency has approved of the following                              Bills bein
introduced at the next meeting of the Legislative Council.

                                                                     EK. P. EVANS,
                                                    Clerk to the Legislative Counce

                             TABLH          OF      CONTENT'S.

    16   A Bulantatuled an Oidinance to amend the Customs Taritt Ordinance,
             1909                                                                            1
    17    A Bill intituled an O1dinance to provide i1ehef from fees payable on the
             Estates of persons dyine from wounds inflicted, accident occu1ring
             o1 diseases contiacted on Active Selvice agamst an enemy                ace     3
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