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13 January 1915

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1915-01-13 number 404

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                     OFFICIAL GAZETTE
                                                                OF THE

EAST AFRICA                                                                                PROTECTORATE.

         Publshed under the authority of His Excellency the Govsrnor of Eni Africa.

  Vol XVll -No              4041                   NAIROBI, January 13th, 1915                            PRICE 20 GENTS
        Registeied as a Newspap31 at the G I? 0                                                     Pnblished every Wednesday

                                           TABLE O F CONTIENTS.
 Govt N o t ~ c eNO            4-Undel           the Foi elgn J u l lsdlctlon Acts, 1890 and 1913                        15
   JJ            JJ
                      19       &-Under           the East Afrlca Jfarrrage 01dl nance, 1902                               15
   J)            77
                      JJ       6-Under           the Reformato~ySchools O ~ d n ~ a n c 1910
                                                                                        e,                                1i
   9)            JJ   9)       7-Appointments u n d r ~the Native A u t h ~ i i t yOrdinance, 1912                        16
   JJ            JJ
                      JJ       8-Appo~ntments                                                                             16
   j)            J)
                      J9       9-Nairobi Municipal Committee 1915-Nornlnatlon~ to                                         17
(;enera1 Not~ceNo             16-Appointment to Committee of Sapplic 5, Ki3uillu                                          17
   JJ            7J
                      JJ      17-Em        opean Wa1-Cable3                                                               17
   JJ            9)
                      9)      18-Tender            Board-Foodstuffs       and M1~cellaneous A l t l ~ l z s , Notlce
                                                regal ding
   37         9)
                      JJ      19-S~tt~ngsof High Court
   J)        )>
                      >J      20-Probate          & Admlnistrat~on(Cause No          1 of 1915)
   1)            JJ   1)
                              21           JJ             )J          (   3,   JJ     I   Of   J,

   JJ        JJ
                      7>      22-T~ansfei of B~sine5sto Kanshi and PuL&:,l
   JJ        J7
                      JJ      23-Cancellat~on of Currency Notes
   JJ        J>
                      JJ   24-27-Customs    Returns duiing October, 191'4
                                   Llst of Llcences and Pelm~ts,lssued a t different distiicts during
                                      quarter ended 30th September, 1914

                                                               UGANDA RAILWAY

(:enera1 Notice No           28-Uganda            Railway-Open~ng of Kajiado Station, Mile 26, Magad1
                                                             Branch                                                       32
   YJ        J   I    JJ      29-     J)             ;J
                                                                Tender-Kerosine Oil, 150 Test                             32

   YJ        JJ       JJ
                              30-     JJ             JJ         Approx~niateStatement of Publlc Coaching and
                                                                 Goods Traffic d~xrlngthe month of Decembel,
                                                                 1914                                                     S2
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