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27 January 1915

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1915-01-27 number 406

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                      OFFICIAL G A Z E T T E

    EAST AFRICA                                                                                     PROTECTORATE.

                Published under the authority of HIS Excellency the Governor of East Africa,

     Vol XVll -Ng                 4061                 NAIROBI, Janiiary 27th, 1915                                   PRICE 20 CENTS

               Registered as a Newspapel a t the G P 0                                                       Published eveiy Wednesday

                                               TABLE O F C O N T E N T S .
     Govt Kotice KO                 13-The                            ~ l Lo~lclon Oldel-in-Counc~lNo 2, 1914
                                                  D e ~ l a i a t i o of
                  No                    2--Expoi tation of Vessel,, p i o l l t b ~ t ~ of,
                                                                                        o ~ lto dl1 d e ~ t l n < t t ~ o ~ l \
     Govt Notice NO                  14-Rules       uildei the E a i t Afi ~ c aT o ~ v n ~ h i p01
                                                                                                  s dlnauce, 190 3
       J9            9,   ))        -          1 undel the Stage Plays a n d Cinenintoglaph E\hibitlons
                                               Oidlilnilce, 1912                                                                     52
       Y             )>   J   >     16-Appointments
     G elleidl Notice No            47-Uildei Ma1tial Law-               1'11~ e List Nu 7
       1)            1,
                          ))        48-Enlopean          Tlrai--Cables
       29            9)
                          J2        49-P~obate & ~dnnnlstratioil(Canse No 78 of 1914)
       ~2            )>   7)        50-Dates        of Sittings of H ~ g hC o a ~ t
       2,            JJ   13        51-Ca~~cellation of Power of Attoinej-TIT                    Geolge Niblett
           j         )I   )y        52--Notl( e iegaidillg Estate of C J Muiiay, deceased
       )J            9)   17        53-List     of Newspapels, etc ,iouiid witlloi~t addles5 thioughout the
                                               P~otectoiatePost Offices duilng month of Dece~iibet,1914                           57-55

       )J            I)   >)        58-Auct~on of unclainied caigo a t the Mombas& Custonis House oil
                                        Ma1~11lst, 1915                                               64-65
                                           Lid of Licellces and Peimits, ~ssueda t diffeient distiicts foi
                                               c j ~ ~ter
                                                       a i ended 30th Septeinber, 1914                                            60-67
                                                                  UGANDA RAILWAY

    Geneictl N o t ~ c eNo          59-Uganda          Ra~lwav-Sale of unclaiilled goods at Kilindini Plei                           68
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