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24 November 1915

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1915-11-24 number 12

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Supplement No 12 of 1915 to Officual Gazette of November 24th, 1915



EAST AFRICA                                                      PROTECTORATE.

     Published under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of East Africa.

 Vol XVI! —Supplement No 12 |                  NAIROBI, November 24, 1915

   His Excellency has approved of the following Bills being
itroduced at the next Session of the Legislative Council

                                                                  T. 8S. W. THOMAS,
                                                  Clerk to the Legislative Council.

                            TABLE          OF     CONTHNTS.


         A Bill mtituled an Ordimance to amend the Law Relatmg to Diseases

          of Animals
         A Bill intituled an Ordinance to Keep Alive the Provisions of the Hast
           Africa Native Liquor Ordinance, 1907, as Amended by the Hast
           Africa Native Intoxicating Liquor Ordinance, 1908
    BY   A Bull Intituled an Ordinance to extend the powers of the Governor
          and the Governor in Council as the case may be durimg the continuance
           of the present hostilities to make rules under the Indian Inventions
           and Designs Act, 1888, (Act V of 1888) as apphed to the Hast Africa
           Protectorate by Order of the Secretary of State made the 20th
           December, 1900, the Registration of Trade Marks Ordmance, 1912,
           and the Patents and Designs Ordinance 1915
    38   A Bull Intituled an Ordimance to make Provision agaist the smuggling
           of letters to and out of the Protectorate                              we   OC
    39   A Bul Intituled an Ordimance to amend the Registration of Persons
           Ordinance, 1915

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