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5 June 1917

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1917-06-05 number 570

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                                              OF THE

 EAST AFRICA                                                             PROTECTORATE.

     Published under the authority of His Excellency the Governor af East Africa.

  Vol. XIX.—No. 570              NAIROBI, December 21, 1917.                      [PRICE 20 CENTS.

Government Novice No 423].
                                  UNDER WARTIAL LAW. .


         HIS EXCELLENCY the Acting Governor has been pleased to issue the following
     Regulations under Martial Law :—

             1. No person shall sell or attempt to sell Hickory King Maize or meal made from
         Hickory King Maize at a price above the following maximum prices :—
                     Hickory King Maize ...            vee         ...   Rs; 2-75 per load of 60 Ibs.
                     Hickory King Maize meal           wee         weg       825,       ggg 60 =",
             2. The Regulations made under Martial Law dated the 5th June, 1917, and
         published on page 507 of the Official Gazette of the 6th June, 1917 (Government Notice
         No. 195), by which the refusal to sell a reasonable quantity of any article, for which a
         maximum price is fixed, is constituted an offence shall be deemed not to apply in the
         case of Hickory King Maize and meal made from Hickory King Maize.
         8. No person shall sell or attempt to sell seed wheat at a price above a maximum
         price of Rs 5/- per load of 60 lbs. delivered by the vendor at his farm or place of
              4. These Regulations shall be read together with the Martial Law Regulations
         of the 10th December, 1914, and any person committing a breach of these Regulations
         shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding Rs. 5,000/- or to imprisonment of
         either description for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both.
              5. These Regulations may be administered by any Magistrate holding a subordinate
         Cotirt of the first or second class.

                     By command of His Excellency the Acting Governor,
     Nairobi, |                        |                            _ W. J, MONSON,
         This 21st day of December, 1917.                                    Acting Chief Secretary.

                                      EXPLANATORY NOTE.
          “ The prohibition of the sale and purchase of wheat for milling purposes and the fixing of
     a maximum price for seed wheat are temporary and precautionary measures introduced to
     secure the’ supply of an adequate quantity of seed wheat at a reasonable price pending the
     consideration of a scheme for promoting the production of wheat generally in the Hast Africa
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