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25 December 1917

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1917-12-25 number 571

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                                             OF THE

 EAST AFRICA                                                         PROTECTORATE.

    Published under the authority of dis Excellency the Governor of East Africa,

 Vol. XIX.—No. 571}              NAIROBI, December 25, 1917.                   [PRICE 20 CENTS.

         HIS Majesty the King has directed the publication of the following messages in orders
    on Christmas Day :—

         I send to all ranks of the Navy and Army My hearty good wishes for Christmas and the
    New Year.      I realise your hardships patiently and cheerfully borne and rejoice in the.
    successes you have won so nobly.    The nation stands faithful to its pledges and resolute to
    fulfil them.   May God bless your efforts and give us Victory.

                                                                        GEORGE, RB.I.

         Our Christmas thoughts are with the sick and wounded Sailors and Soldiers.     We know
    by personal experience with what patience and cheerfulness their suffering is borne.      We
    wish all a speedy restoration to health, a restful Christmastide and brighter days to come.

                                                                        GEORGE, BR. £.
                                                                        MARY, &.
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