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24 April 1918

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1918-04-24 number 5

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Supplement No 5 of 1918 to Officual Gazette of April 24th, 1918





         Published under the authority of His Excallgncy the Governor of East Africa.

  Vol XX —Supplement No 5 |            NAIROBI, April 24, 1918

     His Excellency             has approved of the following Bills being
introduced during the present Session of the Legislative Council.

                                                               T S. W THOMAS,
                                                    Clerk to the Legislative Council.

                              TABLE        OF CONTENTS.
    tL     A Bill mtituled an Ordimance to Enable Restrictions to be Imposed on
              Aliens and to Make such Provisions as are Necessary or Hxpedient to
              Carry such Restrictions into Effect                     .             we     Oc

    2      <A Bill intituled an Ordinance to amend the Brandy of Stock
              Ordinance, 1907                                                              B}

    3      A Bill mtituled an Ordinance to amend the Law Relating to Native
              Intoxicating Liquors                                                         a
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