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9 October 1918

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1918-10-09 number 9

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Supplement No 9 of 1918 to Oficial Gazette of October 9th, 1918,                (      Aa

                             SUPPLEMENT                                               a

            OKRFFICIAL                                 GAZETTE
                                              OF    THE

 EAST AFRISA                                                       PROTECTORATE.

        Published under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of East Africa.

  [Vol XX —Supplement No 9]            NAIROBI, October 9, 1918

     Mis Excellency             has approved of the following Bills being
introduced at the next Session of the Legtslatwe Council.

                                                              TS. W THOMAS,
                                                   Clerk to the Legislative Council.

                             TABLE          OF     CONTHNTS.
    1     A Bull intituled an Ordimance to restrict temporarily the persons who
             may engage 1n business connected with certain Non-Ferrous Metals and
             Metalic Ores                                                               1

    2     A Bull intituled an Ordinance to amend the Law Relating to Crimmal

    3     <A Bull intituled an Ordinance to amend the Native Authority (Famime
             Rehef) Ordinance, 1918           .                                         9

    4     A Buillintituled an Ordinance to amend the Customs Tariff Ordinance, 1909    1h
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