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29 January 1919

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1919-01-29 number 1

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Supplement No 1 of 1919 to Offceal Gazette of Januarv 29th, 1919


            OFFICIAL                                            GAZETTE
                                            OF THE

          EAST AFRICA                          PENS PROTECTORATE,

         Published under the authority of His Excellency the Goveinoi of Hast Africa

   Vol XXI—Supplement Ne 1]              NATROBI, January 29, 1919

          His Excellency has approved                           of the following    Bills being
introduced at the next Session of tre Legislative Council.

                                                                           C. EE. SPENCER,
                                                  Clerk to the Legislative Council.

                                  TABLE      OF      CONTENTS

     1     <A Bill intituled an Ordinance to supply a further sum of money for the
              service of the year ending the 31st of March, 1918                       we      ol
     2     <A Bill intituled an Ordinance to amend the Hast Afmca Police Ordinance,
              191k                                   «                        oee      Sag     3

     8     <A Bill intituled an Ordinance to amend the Registration of Business
              Names Ordinance, 1918                                  ves        .      ow.     «COD

     4.    A Ball intituled an Ordinance to amend “The Administrator General’s
             Ordinance, 1909”        -                             nee         7-10
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