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30 June 1919

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1919-06-30 number 656

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               SPECIAL GAZETTE.

                                                      OF THE

             EAST AFRICA                                                       PROTECTORATE.

           Published under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of Hast Africa.

       Vol. XXL—No. 656]                    NATROBI, June 80, 1919.                      [Price 20 Cents]

     GOVERNMENT Novice No. 212.                              GovERNMENT Notice No. 213.

                                                               The following message from His Majesty the
       The following telegram has been received by His       King is published for general information :—
     Excellency the Governor from the Secretary of
                                                               “The signing of the Treaty of Peace will be re-
     State for the Colonies :—
                                                             ceived   with deep   thankfulness   throughout   the
       “June 28th.—Peace Treaty with Germany signed          British Empire.   This formal Act brings to its con-
     by representatives of Allied and Associated Powers      cluding stages the terrible war which has devastated
     and by representatives of Germany to-day at. 4          Europe and distracted the world. It manifests
     o’clock. Concluding article of Treaty provides that     the victory of the idéals of Freedom and Liberty
     first proces verbal of deposit of ratification will     for which we have made untold sacrifices. I share
     be drawn up as soon as Treaty has been ratified by      my people’s joy and thanksgiving and earnestly
     Germany on the one hand and by three of the             pray that the coming years of peace may bring to
     Principal Allied and Associated Powers on the other     them ever increasing happiness and prosperity.”
     hand; that from the date of this first proces verbal
     the Treaty will come into force between the high
     contracting parties who haveratified it; that for the   GOVERNMENT Notice No. 214.
     determination of all periods of time provided for
     in the Treaty this date will be the date of coming
     into force of the Treaty and that in all other            Information has been received from the Secretary
     respects the Treaty will enter into force for           of State for the Colonies that. it is proposed to
     each Power from the date of deposit of its ratifica-    announce to both Houses of Parliament, on Monday
     tion. Date of ratification, i.e., of the coming intn    the 80th June, 1919, the proposed arrangements,
     force of the Peace Treaty cannot be stated yet.”’       for Peace celebrations.

                                     PRINTED BY THE GOVERNMENT Printer, NAIROBI.
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