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2 July 1919

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1919-07-02 number 658

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                                               OF THE


     Published under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of Hast Africa.

  Vol. XXI.— No. 658]                 NAIROBI, July 2, 1919.                      [Paroe 20 Cents]

ProctaMation No. 62.                                  spiritual authorities and ministers of religion
                                                      in their respective Churches and other places of
                 ‘By voe Kine.                        public worship throughout Our United Kingdom
                                                      of Great Britain and Ireland and in all quarters of
                PROCLAMATION,                         Our Dominions beyond the seas to take part as it
                                                      may properly behove them to do in this great and
                                                      common act of worship and Wedostrictly charge
GHORGEH RB.I.                                         and commandthat the said public day of thanks-
   Whereas it has pleased Almighty God to bring       giving be religiously observed by all as they tender
to a close the late widespread and sanguinary war     the favour of Almighty God and have the sense of
in which we were engaged against Germany and          His benefit.
her Allies; We therefore adoring the Divine
Goodness and duly considering that the great and        Given at Our Court at Buckingham Palace this
general blessings of Peace do call for public and     first day of July in the year of Our Lord One
solemn acknowledgement have thought fit by and        thousand nine hundred and nineteen and in the
with the advice of Our Privy Council to issue ‘this   tenth year of Our Reign.
Our Royal Proclamation, Hereby appointing and
commanding that general thanksgiving to Almighty
God for these His manifold and great mercies be                      GOD SAVE THE KING.
observed throughout Our Dominions on Sunday
the sixth day of July, and for the more devout
solemnization of the same We have given direc-
tions to the Most Reverend the Archbishops and        Government Noticr No. 225.
the Right Reverend the Bishops of England to            It is the wish of His Majesty that all parts of the
compose a form of Prayer suitable to this occasion    Empire should as far as possible unite in observing
to be used in all Churches and Chapels and to, take   the 6th July as a day of Thanksgiving.
care for the timely dispersing of the same
throughout their respective dioceses; and to the
same end We do further advertise and exhort the
General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and all

                              PrinteD BY THE GOVERNMENT Printer, NatRost.
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