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4 July 1919

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1919-07-04 number 660

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                                              OF THE


      Published under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of Fast Africa,

  [Vol. XXI.—No. 660]                 NAIROBI, July 4, 1919.                           [Prick 20 Cents}

ProctaMation No. 64.                                  Order of the Bath, Governor and Commander-in-

   THE PUBLIC HOLIDAYS ORDINANCE,                     Chief   of   the   East     Africa   Protectorate,   hereby

                1912.                                 declare that Saturday the 19th day of July, 1919,
                                                      and Monday the 2ist day of July, 1919, shall be
                 PROCLAMATION.                        observed     as    Public    Holidays     throughout    the
  WHEREAS it is fitting that two days shall be
set aside for Public rejoicing on the conclusion of     Given under my hand at Nairobi this 4th day of
Peace.                                                July, 1919.

  NOW THEREFORE in exercise of the powers                                         EDWARD NORTHEY,
conferred on me by the Public Holidays Ordinance,                         Governor and Commander-in-Chief.
1912, I, Edward Northey, Knight Commander of
the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and,
Saint George, Companion of the Most Honourable                        GOD SAVE THE KING.

                              PRINTED BY THE GOVERNMENT PRINTER, Nairost.
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