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6 August 1919

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1919-08-06 number 8

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Supplement No 8 of 1919 to Offieral Gazette ot August 6th, 1919


                                           OF THE


         EAST AFRICA                                 EQS PROTECTORATE.
                                                     eet:   Nesae
                                                      Fy    cilia!

        Published under the authouity of His Excellency the Governor of Kast Afiica

 Vol XXI—Supplement No 8]            NATROBI, August 6, 1919

        lis Excellency has approved of the following                         Bill being
introduced during the present Session of the Legislative Couneil.

                                                                     C.F. SPENCER,
                                                 Clerk to the Legislative Council.

                                TABLE      OF    CONTENTS


    1     A Buillintituled an Ordinance to Provide for Exemption from the Pay-
               ment of Natrve Hut Tax and Native Poll Tax in certain cases       .    tL
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