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29 October 1919

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1919-10-29 number 11

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    Supplement No. 11 of 1919 to Official Gazette of October 29th, 1919.

'                                                        TO

                  OFFICIAL                                    GAZETTE
                                                    OF THE


            Published underthe authority of Tfis Excellency the Governor of East Africa

     Vol. XXI.—Supplement No. 11]              NATROBI, October 29th, 1919.

            His Excellency has approved of the following Bills being
    introduced at the next Session of the Legislative Council.

                                                                               C. E. SPENCER,
                                                          Clerk to the Legislative Council

                                        TABLE       OF    CONTENTS.


       1.   A Bill intituled an Ordinance tc make Provision for the Regulation of Aerial Navigation. ...1-2

       2.   A Bill intituled an Ordinance to Prohibit the Melting Down or use of Gold and ‘Silver
                 Coins otherwise than as Currency       bee      ves    vee       Lee     ve         .      8

      3.    A Bill intituled an Ordinance to Amend the Law Relating to Master and Servants           er!

      4,    <A Bill intituled an Ordinance for the Better Prevention of Corruption ..,     we        ..     5

            A Bil intituled an Ordinance to Supply a farther &
                                                             Sum of Money for the Service of the

                 Year ending the Bist March, 1919      wee       ces       .         .     bee       we     6
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