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7 November 1919

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1919-11-07 number 679

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                                             OF THE

        EAST AFRICA 24
                    ‘Ge                                          S, PROTECTORATE.
     Published under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of Hast Africa.

| sol. XXI.—No. 679}               NAIROBI, November 7, 1919                    [Paice 20 Cenrs]

GOVERNMENT Notice No. 387.

          THE following gracious message addressed to all the peoples of the Empire by
      His Majesty the King, is published for general information :—

                                                                       November 6th, 1919.

      To aun My PEOPLE.
           Tuesday next, November, 11th, is the first anniversary of the Armistice which stayed
      the world wide carnage of the four preceding years and marked the Victory of Right
      and Freedom. I believe that My people in every part of the Empire fervently wish to
      perpetuate the memory of that great Deliverance and of those who laid down their
      lives to achieve it.
          To afford an opportunity for the universal expression of this feeling it is My desire
      and hope that at the hour when the Armistice came into force, the eleventh hour of
      the eleventh day of the eleventh month, there may be, for the brief space of two
     minutes a complete suspension of all our normal activities.     During that time, except
     in the rare cases where this may be impracticable, all work, all sound and all locomotion
     should cease, so that, in perfect stillness, the thoughts of everyone may be concentrated
     on reverent remembrance of the Glorious Dead.

          No elaborate organisation appears to be necessary. At a given signal, which can
     easily be arranged to suit the circumstances of each locality, I believe that we shall
     all gladly interrupt our business and pleasure whatever it may be and unite in this
     simple service of silence and remembrance.

                                                                         GEORGE, B.I.
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