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21 February 1920

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1920-02-21 number 697

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       Oe FICtAt                                       GAZETTE.

                                              OF ‘THE

       EAST AFRICA                                     SMFSPROTECTORATE,
    Pubhshe 1 under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of Hast Africa

| Vol XXIF—No 697 |                NAIROBI, February 21, 1920                     (Prick 25 Cents]

FCVERNMENT Notice No    54
                             {He INDIAN       POs! OFFICE ACT       1898


                     THE POST OFFICE AMENDWENT ORDINANCE, 1919


          IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred upon the Governor-in-Counel by the Indian
      Post Office Act 1898 as applhed to the Protectorate, and the Post Office Amendment
      Ordmance, 1919, and all othe: powers him thereunto enabling His bacellency the Acting
      Governor-in-vouncil has been pleased to make the followinr Reales —

          1  These Rules may be cited as       ‘Che Foreign Postal and Money Oider           Rules
       No 2) 1920”

          2   Al} Rules herctotore made pursuant to the provisions of the said Act and Ordin-
     ance, or howsvever otherwise, relating to the issn> by the Post Office of Foreign money
     orders expressed in rupee currency are hereby suspenled,

          3    All sterling money or postal orders issued in the United Kmgdom or elsewhere
     for payment in the Protectorate, ot purchased in the Protectorate for payment im the
     United Kingdom orelsewhere shall be cashed or purchased, as the case may be, m the
     Protectorate at the rate of two shillmgs per rupee

          4    The rules dated the 18th day of December, 1919, under the Indian Post Ofire
     Act, 1898, are hereb, reve ked

          5    These Rules shall come into operation on the 21st day of February, 1920

          By Command of His Excellency the Acting Governor in-Couneil

          Nairobi,                                               J G HAMILTON-ROSS,

              The 21st day of February 1920              Ag Clerk of the Executrre Council
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