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15 May 1920

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1920-05-15 number 710

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             OFFICIAL GAZETTE.
                                                   OF THE

             EAST AFRICA                                        rf FS PROTECTORATE.
        Tublshel under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of Hast Africa

[Vol XXIE—No 710]                          NAIROBI, May 15, 1920                        [Price 25 Cents]

ProebaAMAtTiIon No      52                                 Protectorate and the Uganda Protectorate 1es-
                                                           pectively tor the amount exptessed therem The
        THE EAST AFRICA AND UGANDA                         holder of a new currency note shall not be entitled
          (CURRENCY) ORDER, 1920                           to obtain from the Government of the East Africa
                                                           Protectorate or the Uganda Protectotate, o: the
                     PROCLAMATION                          Currency Board, payment in cutrent com of the
                                                           amount expressed in the note Now therefore im
   WHEREAS by the East Afuca and Uganda                    exseicise of the power conferred upon the Goveinor
(Currency) Order, 1920, which is declated to be con-       of the Hast Africa Protectorate by the Order of
stiued as one with the Hast Atica and Uganda               1920, I, Charles Calvert Bowiing, Knight Com-
(Cuency) Orde:s, 1905 to 1918, (heresn 1eterred to         mander of the Most Excellent Orde: of the British
                                                           Empue, Companion of the Most Distinguished Order
as ‘ the Order of 1920)’’ and which by its terms is
im force im tne East Atiica and Uganda Protec-             of Saint Michael and Samt George, Acting Goveinor
orates, 1b 1s prov'ded by Aiticle 4 (1) of the Order of    of the East Africa Protectorate, with the approval
1929, that rf at any time while the O:der of 1920 is       ot His Majesty’s Sectetary of State for the Colonies,
                                                           do   hereby declare that the new     currency notes
in 1oice any currency notes of the denomination of
the standa:d com, or any multiple thereof, and not        xesued by the Hast Aftiean Cutrencv Board of the
                                                          denomination of one 1upee shall be current and legal
beng local cvirency notes issued urde: Article 14
                                                          tender for the payment of any amount withm the
of the Fast Atrica and Uganda (Curtrenct) O1der-
                                                          Hast Africa Protectorate while the Oider of 1920
wn-Couneil, 1905, Gn the Oide: of 1920 referred to
                                                          continues in operation
as    new currency notes) ’ are issved bv the Currency
Lord, the Goveino: of the Hast Afica Protectorate
aad    the   Goreinc.   of the Uganda     Piotectorate          Given under my hand at Nanobi: tlus 1ith day
may, by Proclamation made with the appioval ot a                  of May, 1920
Secietarv of State, declae that notwithstanding                                         C C BOWRING,
anv thing im the Hast Africa and Uganda (Currency)
                     1905,   the new   cutrencv notes                                         Acting Goveinoi-
shall, while the Order of 1920 continues in opetation,
be cmuent and legal tender withm the East Afmca                        GOD SAVE THE KING
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