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19 July 1920

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1920-07-19 number 721

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           OFFICIAL                                       GAZETTE
                                                    OF THE

           EAST AFRICA

       lt ublishe1 under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of Hast Africa.

  [Vol XXII—No 721]                       NAIROBI, July 19, 1920                                      [Prick 25 Cents]

Proctamation No       79                                    The silver rupee of British India and Notes of
                                                          the denom nation of one rupee issued bj} the
      THE CUSTOMS ORDINANCE, 1910                         Government of India under the authority of the
                                                          India Paper Currency (Amendment) Act, 1917
                    PROCLAMATION                          Provided that persons arriv ng at East Africa may
  IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred upon the            be allowed to introduce small amounts to be
                                                          determmed by the Customs ' Authorities at the
Governor by the Customs Ordinance, 1910, Section          Port of land            + ther         d
58,   I,   Edward   Northey,   Major-General   of   His      Ory of   landing a            Clr       aSCret On
Majesty’s Forces, Kn ght Commande: of the Most                Given under my hand at Nairobi thi, 19th day
Distinguished Order of Samt Michael and Saint                   of July, 1920          .
George, Companion of the Most Honourable Order
of the Bath, Governor of the East Afneca Protec-                                            EDWARD NORTHEY,
torate, do hereby declare that the smportat on of                                                       Governor
the followmg articles be prohibited —

                                 PRINTED BY THE GOVFRNMENT PrinTER, NAIROBI
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