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6 July 1921

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1921-07-06 number 778

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                               OFFICIAL GAZETTE

                                                           OF THE

                         Published under the authority of His Excellency the Governor of the
                                          olony and Protectorate of Kenya.

      [Vol. XXITI.—No. 778].                  NAIROBI, July 6, 1921.                            [Price 25 Cunrs|
         Registered as a Newspaper at the G. P. 0.          ‘                       Published every Wednesday.

                                        TABLE              OF   CONTENTS.

Govt. Notice No.          245—Arvival, Departures and Appointments, etc.      ...         eee         a      BED.

Proclamation No.           88—The East Africa Townships Ordinance, 1903...                 ves        vas    553

Govt. Notice No.        | 246——The Hast Africa Townships Ordinance, 1903-1918—Rules                   bee    558

  .        ”     a»       247—The Public Travel and Access Roads Ordinance, 1920—Appointment
                                  of Road Board ...             ves   bee     we          we        a        D538   ‘

  ey       2D    ”
                          248—The Municipal Corporations Ordinance, 1909—Resignation                  vw     558

  2d 0     ad    Ped
                          249-—Confirmation of Ordinance (No. IV of 1921) ...             wee         wee    553

                          250—Board of Education—Appointment ...             wee          we         _       553

  ”        7    oD        251—The     Native    Authority Ordinance, 1912—Appointment of
                                  Official Headinen             wee   Lee    wee          vas        ae      DOA

 a7        32    a?
                         252—The Native Tribunal Rules, 19183—Appointment of Councils of
                                  Elders...          Lee        vee   ees    ves          wee        Les     554

Gen. Notices Nos. 777-799—Miscellaneous Notices                 bes   wee    aes          sae        554-657
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