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12 October 1921

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1921-10-12 number 793

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                                            #        . *4:
                                                 tJ 5:u-
                                                 .     $f
                                                *o     . :
                                                .     j;.. ;

                                                             C@       j
                                      olso,     ey M os           op o k.

                                                    Tl E

                          O F F IC lA L G A Z E T T E

                                                0# TH E

     C O LO N Y A N D P R O T EC T O R A T E O F K EN YA .
                     Published under theauthority of His Excellencr the Governor offhe
                                   Oolony and Protectorate of Kenya.

  gvol'.XXII1.- No.793j              NATROBI,October 12,1921.                        (PSIOE 25 ClxTsj
     Reristered as a New spaper at the G.P.0.                               Pablishetl every W ed.

                                  T A BL E      O F CO N T EN TS .

Govt.Notice N o.          377 Arrivals,M agïsterialJvarrants,etc.                                   91û

Proclarnation N'

Govt.N otice No.         :
                         $78 The EastAfrica M arl.
                                                 iage Ordinance,1902 N otice...                     91l

                         379 Closing of RabaiAdm inistrative Station- xbtice                        911

                         38o- conflrmation ofOrdillances(Nos.XVTanclXVIT of1921)                    911

             J:          381 The Criminal Procetlllre Am endment Ordinance, 19l8-
                                SpecialDistrict                                                     911

Gem.NoticesN os.1130-1155 M
                                      sN otices ...                                            911-919.
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