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8 August 1923

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1923-08-08 number 897

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                            OFFICIAL GAZETTE
                                               OF      THE

                     Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the
                                     Colony and Protectorate of Kenya.

  [Vol. XXV.—No. 897]                 NAIROBI, August 8, 19238.                           [Price 50 Canrs|
  Registered as a Newspaper at the G. P. 0.                                     Published every Wednesday.

                                   TABLE        OF     CONTENTS.

Govt. Notice No.       268—Appointments, etc.           vee      Lee       ws        aes        vee    668

  »     ”      ”       269—The East Africa Townships Ordinances, 1903-1918—Rules                bes   669

  »     a      3       270—The Native Passes Regulations, 1900-—Rule...              wee        ves    669

  ”     ”       9      271—The Resident Natives Ordinance, 1921—-Notice under...                bes    6E9

 a      ”      Oe      272—The Public Travel and Access Roads Ordinance, 1920—
                              Appointment of Member of Kyambu District Road Board               ves   669

  »     ”       ”      273—Confirmation of Ordinances (Nos. IV, VI, and VITI of 1923)...              669

Gen, Notices Nos, 637~646—Miscellaneous Notices...              wae      ae         bee        .». 669-676
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