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21 November 1923

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1923-11-21 number 913

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                            OFFICIAL GAZETTE
                                              OF THE

                     Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the
                                     Colony and Protectorate of Kenya.

  [Vol. XXV.—No. 913]               NAIROBI, November 21, 1923.                        [Price 50 Cents|
  Registered as a Newspaper at the G. P. 0.                                      Published every Wednesday.

                                   TABLE        OF     CONTENTS.

Govt. Notice No,        394—Arrivals, Departure and Appointments,etc....             eee      ves    910

  a      5      a       395—A Bill intituled an Ordinance further to Amend the Motor
                             Traffic Ordinance, 1915        bes   ngs        ve      wes             911

Proclamation No.        107—The Game Ordinance, 1921             wee       wes       bes      ves    912

Proclamation Nos. 108-115—The Diseases of Animals Ordinance, 1906...                 Lee      912-913

Govt, Notice No.        396-—The Indian Telegraph Act, 1885—Rules_...                wee      ves    913

  »      0      »       397—The Motor Traffic Ordinance, 1915—Rules ...              bes     Lae     913

  »      a      »   398-899—The Game Ordinance, 1921—Notices under...                wee      bes    914+

  »      »      »       400—Monsieur H.van der Straeten to act as Consul of Belginm at
                              Dar-es-Salaam for Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika Territory
                              and Zanzibar...      ves      wee       ee       vee     ves           914

  ”      ”      ”       401—Estate Duty Ordinance, 1918—Appomtment of Assistant
                               Estate Duty Commissioner  bee    vee    wee      bes                  914

Gen. Notices Nos. 918-929—-Miscellaneous Notices        ...      ve        vee       ves      ... 914-919
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