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31 December 1923

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1923-12-31 number 920

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                          OFFICIAL GAZETTE
                                              OF       THE

                    Published under ‘the authority of His Exceilency the Governor of the
                                      Colony and Protectorate of Kenya.

(Vol. XXV.—No. 920]                  NATROBI, December 31, 1923.                       [Price 50 Cents. ]
R egistered as a Newspaperat the G. P, 0.

                                            AN ORDINANCE.

                                            No. 386 or 1923.

                        Assented to in His Majesty’s name this 31st day of
                   December, 1928.
                                        R. T. CORYNDON,

                    An Ordinance to Consolidate and Amend Customs
                        ENACTED by the Governorof the Colony of Kenya with the
                    advice and consent of the Legislative Council thereof :—

                        1. This Ordinance may be cited as ‘““The Customs Tariff snort title
                    Ordinance, 1923,’’ and shall come into operation on the Ist day of 424
                    January, 1924.

                         2. There shail be levied and collected upon goods imported Customs duties
                    into the Colony and Protectorate the several duties set forth in leviable.
                    Tables I. II, U1.and IV of the Schedule hereto.

                         8.   The value of goods upon which duty is leviable ad valorem rpesnition.
                    shall be the value of the goods at the port of sh:pment together
                    with the cost of packing, loading, freight, insurance, landing and
                    all other charges up to the time of deposit of such goods in
                    Customs premises at the place of importation.

                        4. No import duty shall be levied or collected upon the Goods exempt
                    goods set forth in Table V of the schedule hereto.          from import

                         5.   The Customs (Amendment) Ordinance (No. 2), 1922, the Repeal.
                    Customs Tariff Ordinance, 1922 and the Customs Tariff (Amend-
                    ment) Ordinance, 1923, are hereby repealed.
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