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10 February 1925

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1925-02-10 number 993

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                    OFFICIAL GAZETTE                                                         &
                                            OF   THE

                            (SPECIAL ISSUE).
              Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the
                                Colony and Protectorate of Kenya.

Vol. XXVII.—No. 993]             NAIROBI, February 10, 1925.             [Pxtcoz 50 Cznrs|
Registered as a Newspaper at the G. P. 0.

              GovernMENT Notice No. 40.

                   The Colony and Protectorate are informed with the deepest
              regret that Dis Excellency Sir Robert Thorne Coryndon,
              K.C.M.G., Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Kenya
               Colony and Protectorate and High Commissioner of Zanzibar,
               died at the European Hospital, Nairobi, at 11 a.m., to-day.

                    Sir Robert Coryndon, at the time of his death, bad over
               thirty-five vears of Imperial and Colonial Service, of which
               the last two and a half have been in the Service of Kenya.
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