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15 April 1925

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1925-04-15 number 1

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                         OFFICIAL GAZETTE
                                               OF       THE

                    Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the
                                      Colony and Protectorate of Kenya.

[Vol. XXVIT.—No. 1,006]                    NAIROBI,          April 15, 1925.             [Prick 50 Cents]
Registered as a Newspaperat the G. P. 0.                                        Published every Wednesday.

                                  TABLE            OF   CONTENTS.

Govt. Notice No.         118——Departures, Appointments, etc.              Lee      ve         ves     298 ©

  yee                    114A Bill Intituled An Ordinance to Amend the Traders
                               Licensing Ordinance, 1919                  we       ve         ... 2994801 =

  »      >      ”        115-—A Bill Intituled An Ordinance to Amend the Fish Protection
                               (Amendment) Ordinance, 1928 ...            ve       vee        i       802; -

Proclamation No.          d51—The Education Ordinance, 1924—Section 4 (a)-—School
                               areas in Administrative Districts          wee      cae        ... 302-308;

Govt. Notice No.         116-—Constitution of a Kathi’s Court in and for the District of
        .                      Digo           ve        Le         .      Le       Le         ve      303°
  »         9   4        117—Appointment of Kathi of Mombasa to be Kathi of the Digo
                               Districs                 ae                vee      .          BOB.
Gen. Notice Nos.    282-292—Miscellaneous Notices ...             Lee     bee      a          ... 803-306 .
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