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17 April 1925

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1925-04-17 number 1

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                                                    ce     a SS

                          OFFICIAL GAZETTE
                                                 OF THE
                                 (SPECIAL ISSUE).
                   Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the
                                     Colony and Protectorate of Kenya.

[Vol. XXVIL—No. 1,007].                      _     NAIROBI, April 17, 1925.
Registered as a Newspaper at the G. P. 0.

                   Government Noticg No. 118.                            S. 20840/23.

                        THE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL ORDINANCE, 1919,
                          LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL (AMENDMENT)
                                          ORDINANCE, 1924.


                       IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred upon me by
                   Section 15 of the Iegislative Council Ordinance, 1919,
                   I,   Edward     Brandis       Denham,   Companion     of   the   Most
                   Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saimt George, Acting
                   Governor of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya, do hereby
                   appoint that the election for a Memberof the Legislative Council
                   for the undermentioned Electoral Area be held on the 30th day
                   of May, 1925, at the place following, that is to say :—

                              Electoral Area.                Place of Klection.
                               UKAMBA.                Office of the District Commis-
                                                             sioner, Machakos.

                                 “Dated this sixteenth day of April, 1925,
                                                            E. B. DENHAM,
                                                                  Acting Governor.
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