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21 November 1925

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1925-11-21 number 1

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                     OFFICIAL GAZETTE
                                        OF       THE

                           (SPECIAL ISSUE).
               Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the
                               Colony and Protectorate of Kenya.

[Vol. XXVII.—No. 1,045]          NAIROBI, November 21, 1925.                 [Prics 50 Cenrs|
 Registered as a Newspaper at the G. P. 0.

               GOVERNMENT Notice No. 471.

                   It is notified for general information that the following
               telegram has been received from the Secretary of State for
               the Colonies :—

                        ‘* 20th November. Deeply regret to state that Her
                    Majesty Queen Alexandra died at about 5 o’clock to-day.—
                    SECRETARY OF STATE.”’

                   The following reply was sent by His Excellency the
               Governor :—

                        ‘Shall be grateful if following message may be
                   conveyed with our humble duty to His Majesty.          On
                   behalf of all the communities in Kenya Colony and
                   Protectorate I beg to convey to Your Majesty, Her Majesty
                   the Queen and all Members of the Royal Family our deep
                   sympathy and sorrow at the death of Queen Alexandra
                   who has been beloved by the whole Empire for more than
                   sixty years.—GOVERNOR.’’
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