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17 March 1936

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1936-03-17 number 16

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                                            4t                          -+

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                                                 1Lu     f                       #K

                                                       TH E
                   O FFICIA L GA ZETTE
                                             0F TH E
                                       K EN Y A
              P ubllshed under the A uthoH ty ol H ls Excellency the G overnor ol the
                                C olony and Protectotate of K enya

  Vol. X X XW II.- N O. 16           N AIRO B I, M arch 17, 1936                              Price 50 Cents
  Reglstered as a New spaper at iha G P 0                                               Publlsàed eyery Tnesday

                                TA B LE O F CO N T E N TS
                                                                                                            PA G E
G ovt N otlee N o l7l- A rrlvals, D epartures, A ppom tm ents, etc                                           244
                  172- The Courts Ordlnanee, lgBl- A ppolntm ent                                             Q45
                    173- The Loeal Governm ent (Dlstllct Counclls) Ordlnance, 1928- Appomt-
                           m ent                                                                             245
                    174- The Loeal Govelpm ent tAlunlolpalltles) Ortllnance, lgz8- Appom tm ent 245
  :1     ##     ,, 175- The Crop Productlon and L lve Stoek Ordlnance, 1926 , The W attle B ark
                             (M arketmg) Rules, 1933- ?6 Purchase and Sale of W attle Bark,
                            Centlal Provlnee                                                                 Y45
                    176- Kenya ancl Ugancla (Transpolt) Ordels ln Counell, 1925 an4 129V-
                            A ppom tm ent                                                                    245
                    177- The Central R oads and Tlafhe B oald Ozdm ance, lgzg- A ppolntm ent                 245
   ;)               178- The ToM nshlp Oldlnanee, lgBo- Appolntm ents, N anyukl Tow nshlp                    246
                ,,  179- The Tow nshlp Oldm ance, 1g3o- Appolntm ents, N yem Townshlp                        246
                    180-181- The A' Vatel Otdlnanee, lgzg- A ppolntm ents                                    246
                    182- The M m zng Otdlnance, 1933- P zoposed D eclazatlon    F orielture ol
                            Clalm s                                                                          246
G eneral N otzces X os 289-325                                                                               247

                                          S UPPL E M E N T
                           K EXYA PaocrAMATloxs, R urEs AxD E EgcrATloxs
                                                       (No 10)
                               PRIN TED BY TM     GOV ERN M EN T PRIN TER , N AIR OBI
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