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24 March 1936

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1936-03-24 number 17

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                                               Wt                                      -+
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                                                       IKu           l         I                #

                                                         TH E
                   OFFICIA L GA ZETTE
                                                  0F TH E
         CO LO N Y A N 9 PR OTECTOR A TE
                                         K EN YA
              Publlshe; under the AuthoHty of H1s Excellency the Governor of the
                                 C olony and Protectorate of Kenya

  Vol.XXXW H.- N O. 17                 NAIRO BI, M arch 24, 1936                                           Price 50 C en's
  Reglstered as a Rewspaperatthe 6 P 0                                                              Publfssed every Teesday

                                 TA BLE O F C O N T EN I S
G ovi N otlce N o 188- For Introcluetion m to L eglslatlve Counell- A B 1l1 to Am end tlle B lltlsh
                             and Colonlal Probates Ordlnance                                                             265
                    189- P ubl1she(l for Crltlclsm - A B lll for the R egulatlon,ln Celtam R espects,
                             ol the Trade ln M alze                                                                      268
   #)     ,)    )1 lgo- A rrlvals, D epartures, Axppom tm ents, etc                                                      281
P roelam aflon N o 20- The D lseases of Am m als 01dlnanee                                                               282
G ovt N otlee N o lgl- E xeeutlve Councll- A ppolntm ent                                                                 282
                   192-193- The L lquor O rttln 'nte- A ppom tm ents                                                     282
                   194- The K m g's Afmcan R lfles R eserve of Ofhcers Ordlnanee, 1927- 1Res1gna-
                            tlons                                                                                        282
                   195- The N atw e A uthollty Oldlnance- Appolntm ent                                                   S83
                )C 196--The N atlve E xem ptlon Ordlnance, 1934- L ettels of E xem ptlon G ranted                        283
   2:     )'    A3 197- The Slsal Tndustry Ordlnance, 1934- S1sa1 lndustry Com m lttee                                   283
   12     1:    '' 19& - The M m lng Orchnance, 1933- A ppllcat1on for E xclusn e Prospectlng
                            Iacence                                                                                      283
                   199- The K enya Cotton R ules- z': 01d Cotton Plants                                                  284
         ##        200- The Loeal Governm ent (M unlelpalltles) Ordmance, 1928- Nom lnatlon,
                           M om basa                                                                                     284
G eneral N otlces N os 326-351                                                                                           284

                                          SU PP LE ATE N T
                           K ExvA PnoccAMaTloxs, R cLEs ANp R EGULATIONS
                                                         (No 11)
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