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7 April 1936

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1936-04-07 number 19

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                                                        4K                          -+

                                                    f                                    /
                                                                   r       oP-

                                                             ,ru       f                 #K

                                                                   TH E
                      OFFICIA L GA ZETTE
                                                         0F TH E
        CO LO N Y A N 9 PR OTECTO R A TE
                                                   K EN YA
           Publlshed under the Authorlty of H 1s Excelleney the G overnor of the
                            C olony and Proteetorate of K enya
             ------   ....---   .   ï
                                    .                                        .
                                                                                  è ..                          .-.----..

  Vol. X XX W I1.- N O. 19                        N A IRO B I, ApH l 7, 1936                        PH ee 5: C enh
  Rejlstered as a Newspaperatthe G.P.0                                                        Publlshed every Tqesday
                                                                                         .                         .        U

                                             T A B LE O F C O N T EN T S
G ovt N otlce N o zl6- A ppom tm ents, ete                                                                             308
Ploelam atlons N os 22-23- The D lseases of Anlm als Ordlnanee                                                         309
Govt N otlee N o 217- The L lquor Ordm anee, lg3zl- Appolntm ents                                                      310
                   218- The Shop H ours Ordm ance, 1925- 7e K ltale ToM nshlp Inqulry ancl
                           A ppom tm ent                                                                               310
                   219- The P ubllc Travel and Access R oads Ordlnance, lgzo- A ppolntm ent                            310
                   220- The N atlve L ands Tlust O lcllnance, lgBo- N om lnatlon                                       B10
                   zzl- A ppozntm ent to M eat and L zve Stock Tnqulry Com zm ttee                                     310
                   222- The M lm ng O rdm ance, 1933- C1alm s A bandoned                                               311
                   223- The Tonnshlps Ordlnance, lgBo- Appolntm ent of Tow nshlp Com m lttee                           311
                   224-225- 1311e Publze H olldays O rdlnance- p ubhc H olldays                                        311
                )) 226- A 6 Itallan Consular A gent, M om baqa                                                         B11
               11 227- The Local Goveznm ent (Dlstrlct Counells) Oldlnanee, 1928- Nom lna-
                           tlon, N allobl                                                                              312
                   228- .26 D efenee Forees of the Colony- Appolntm ent of Com m lttee antl
                           Term s of R eference                                                                        312
G eneral N otlees N os 376-410                                                                                         312

                                                        SU PP LE ATE N T
                                         K ENYA PnoccAMATloxs, R cLEs ANo R EGULATIONS
                                                                   (No 13)
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