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1 May 1936

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1936-05-01 number 23

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                                        t                              l
                                                       ae -


                                                   TH E
                  O FFICIA L GA ZETTE
                                            0F TH E
        CO LO N Y A N 9 PR OT ECTO R A TE
                                        K EN Y A
                               (SPECIAL ISSVE)
            Puhlx*q%ed under t%e Authorhy of His Excellency the Govem or ol 'he
                              Colony and Protectorate of Kenya

  Vo1. XXXVm .- NO. 23                  NAIROBI, M ay 1, 1933                           Prlve p Cents
  R-      âd As a Newlpaper At the q P 0

                                            CO N T EN T S

P roclam âtzon N b 3o- M eetzng oî the L egzslatw e C ounell                                              381
G ovt NotTee No 277- For lntroductlon lnto Leglslatlve Counûll- A B1ll to m ake Provlslon for
                          R azsm g a Loan of S1x H undrecl and Tw enty-five Thousand Pounds
                          Sterlm g for Certam Publle P urposes                                            382
   ;#     ##       Q78- 1Por Tntrocluetlon m to L eglslattve Counctl- x B &ll to P row de for the Con-
                          stltutlon of a B oard to be know n as the Y'arm ers Conclllatlon B oard,
                          to Invest 1he B oard w lth Certaln P owers for the Asslstance sucl R ellef
                          of F axm ers antl for P urposes Tncldentalthereto                               384
                   279- ForIntroductlon m to Legldatlve Councll- A B 111to Am entlthe Lanclan4
                          A gmeultural B ank Ordlnance, 1930                                              399

                                PRINTMD BY TR * GOV BRN MYNT PRINTER, NAKROI:
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