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26 May 1936

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1936-05-26 number 29

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                                            *                        %

                                       /                                      l
                                                       K       ao-

                                       w        fr.u       1                   K

                                                       TH E
                   OFFICIA L GA ZETTE
                                            0F TH E
                                      K EN Y A
              PubEshed under the AuthoH ty ol H1: Excellency the Govem or ol the
                              C olony and Protectorate of K enya

  Vo1. XYX#m .- No. 29                NAIROBI, M ay 26, 1936                                     Prlce 50 Cents
  Reglstered as a Newspaper at tha GqP 0.                                                  Pebllshed every Tqesday

                               TA BLE O F C ON T E N TS
                                                                                                               PAG E
G ovt N otlce N o B22- For Tntrocluetlon lnto L eglslatlve Councll- A B 1l1 to Am end the P ollee
                          Orchnance, 1930                                                                       493
                  323- For Introduetlon m to L eglslatlve Councll- A B )ll to znake Provlslon 1or
                          the E nforeem ent m the Colonv of Judgm ents glven m F orelgn
                          Countrteu whleh aecord R eclproeal Treatm ent to Judgm ents glven m
                          the Colonl, for Y'acllltatlng the E nforeem ent ln F orelgn Countrles
                          of Jtldgm ents glven ln the Oolony and for O ther Purposes ln Connec-
                          tlon w lth the M attels Aforesald                                                     494
                  324- A1rtvals,D epartures,Appolntm euts, ete                                                  504
                  325-326- 711e N atlve Authorlty Ozdm anee- A ppom tm ents                                     505
         ##     ;# 327- The Local Governm ent (Dlstrlct Collncils) Ordlnance, 1928- Nom 2zaa-
                            tlons, N aw asha                                                                    505
                    328- The Crop Productlon antl L w e Sfock Ozdm anee, 1926- The N atzve Pro-
                             duce Inspeetlon R ules, 1935- Am endm &nt of G overnm ent N otlee                  505
                    329- T1ze M lnm g Ordm ance, lg33- floveznm ent N otlce Cancelled                           J05
                    830- The Traflle Oldlnance, 1928- V eh1cle E xem pted ftom belng L lcensed                  506
                    331- The Courts Ordm ance, lsBl- E xtenslon of L lm lts ot Jullsdletlon                     506
                    332- The M lnlng Ordlnance, 1933- Locat1ons Abandoned                                       506
          ')    >#
                    833- As1an Clerleal Staff Confrm atlon E xam lnatlon- p asses                               507
G eneral N otlces N os 579-609                                                                                  507

                                         SU PPL E M E N T
                                             (NoR cLEs
                          K SNVA PaocLAMATIoNs,   20) ANo                    REGULATIONS
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