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9 June 1936

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1936-06-09 number 31

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                                            A.                           *
                                            4                                m+
                                           +R!                           x
                                       t x       . -                     w

                                                       *           m v

                                       f                                          l
                                       X                   *       #*H

                                                   fu          f                  K

                                                           TH E
                  OFFICIA L GA ZETTE
                                             0F TH E
                                       K EN Y A
            Publlshed under the A uthoH ty of H 1q Excelleney the G ovem or ol the
                             Colony and Protectozxte ol K enya

  Vol.XXXW IL- NO.31                  NAIROBI,June % 1936                                    Prlce 50 C en's
  Rejlstered as a Newsp peraifhe G P 0                                                Publlsàed every Tutsdoy

                                 TA BLE O F CO N T E N TS
                                                                                                          PA G E
Govt N otlce N o 349- A rtl&als, D epartuzes, Appolntm ezlts                                                544
Pzoclam atlon N o 36- l'he D lseases of A nlm als O rdlnance                                               545
G ovt N otlee N o 350- T he M armage Ordlnance- church Lleensed                                            545
                  351- R e L evee on Tuesday, J'une 23, 1936                                               545
                  352-353- T11e Courts Ordlnanee- Appolntm ents                                            545
                   354- The M m m g Ordm anee, 1933- Appl1catlon for E xelusw e Prospectlng
                          L lcenee                                                                         546
G eneral N otlces N os 628-666                                                                             546

                                          SU PPL E ATE N T
                          K cxvA P aocLAMATloxs, R uLEs AND REGULATIONS
                                                           (No 22)

                              PMDfTED BY TH E GOVERNM ENT PRINTER, NAIEOBI
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