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30 June 1936

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1936-06-30 number 34

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                                                         TH E
                        OFFICIA L GA ZETTE
                                                  0F TH E
           CO LO N Y A N 9 PR OTECTO R A TE
                                           K EN Y A
                Published under t%e Authorlty ol H 1. Exeelleney the Govem or of tlze
                                 Colony and Protectora'e of K enya
7-                                                                                                         ''

     Vol.XXXW IL- NO.34                   NAIROBI,June 30,1936                                  Prlee 50 Cents
     Rejlstered as a Newspaper atthe Q P.0                                               Published every Teesday

                                    T A BLE O F C O N T EN T S
Govt Notlee N o 376- Arr1va1s, D epaltureq, Appozntrnents,ete                                                    624
Proclam atlons N os 44-4J- The D zseases of Anlm als Ordlnance                                                   625
G ovt N otlce N o 377- T he D zseases of A nlm als O ltllnance- l?o Im poltatlon of D ogs                        625
                  ), 378- The Natn e Authorlty Oldluazzce- Appomtm rnts                                          6:6
                           - Tl2e Central R oqds and Trafhp B oald Ordlnanee,lgzg- A ppolntm ent                 626
                        38o- B zrtllday H onours                                                                 626
                        381- The P ublle Tlavel and A ccess R oads Ordlnance, lgzo- Appolntm ent of
                                 D lstrlct R oad B oard                                                          626
     ,,    ,,      ,,   382- The Local Governm ent (M unlclpalltles) Ordlnanee, l928- Appolnt-
                                m ents, N akuru                                                                  627
           ,,     ,,    383-384- T11e Local Govelnm ent (M unlclpalltles) Ozdlnanee, 1928- Appolnt-
                                m ents, N alrobz                                                                 627
                        385- Standlng B oard of E conom lc D evelopm ent- A ppom tm ent                          627
                        386- 1%e Crop Procluctlon and Llve Stock Olclm ance 1926, The Natlve Pro-
                                duee Inspeetlon R ules, 1935- A m endm ent of Governm ent N otlee                627
                        387- Kenya and Uganda (Transport)Older ln Councll,lgzs- Appolntm ent                     627
     ,,    ,,       388- The M m lng Ordlnance, 1933- Olalm s Abandoned                                          628
G eneral N otzees N os 735-755                                                                                   628

                                                      SU PPL E M E N T

                               K ENVA PROCLAM XTIONS, R craEs ANo R EGL-LATIONS
                                                            (No 25)
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