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14 July 1936

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1936-07-14 number 37

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                                                 TH E
                   OFFICIA L GA ZETTE
                                            0F TH E
         COLO N Y A N 9 PR O TECTO R A TE

                                       K EN YA
            PubKshed under the A uthoH ty of H zs Excellency the G ovem oy of the
                            Colony and Protectorate of K enya

  Vol. XXXW IL- NO.37                 NAIROBI,July 14, 1936                        Prlee 50 Cents
  Rejlstered as a Kew spaper atihe G P 0                                     Pqbllshed eyery Tqesday

                               T A B LE O F CO N T E N T S
                                                                                                   PA G b
G ovt N otlee N o 408- Atz1vals, D epaltures, Appom tm ents, eto                                    676
   ,,    ,,    ,, 409- Foz Introduetlon lnto L egzslatzve Councll- A B 11l to Pzovlde foz the
                           Supply of a furiher Sum of M oney for the Servlce of the Y ear ended
                           the 31st day of D eeem ber, 1935                                         677
   ,,             410--Fca Tntrotluctlon lnto Legzslatlpe Councll- A B ll1 to m ake Speczal Pro-
                          w slon ln zegard to the P enmon oi G eorge B rentnall H ebden             679
Ploclam atlons Nos 49-J0- The D lseases of Anlm als Ordm ance                                       680
G o:t Notlce N o 411- The N atlve A uthomiy O rdm ance- Appolntm ent                                680
                  412- The Trachng Centtes Ordm ance,1932- D ec1arat1on ol Tradm g C entre          681
                  413- K enya Cotton R ules- l 8 P urehase of Cotton                                681
                  414- The N atn e R eglstlatlon Ordlnance- A ppolntm ent                           681
                   415-4S0- The Local Goqernm ent (M unlclpalltles) Orchnance, 1928- Non11na-
                           tlons, M om basa                                                         681
                   421- The Local Governm ent (Afum czpahtles) Ordlnance, lgz8- Norm natton,
                           N alrobt                                                                 682
                   422- The Local Go>ernm ent (Dlstrlct Counells) Ordlnance, lgzm -Nom lna-
                           tlon, N akuru                                                            682
              ,,   423- The Local Governmcnt (Afumczpalltles) Ordm ance, lgzm -Nom m afions,
                           E ldolet                                                                 682
   ,     ,,     ,, 424- The  M m lng Otdlnance, 1933- C1alm s Abandoned                             683
G enersl N otlceg N os 806-833                                                                      683

                                            SU P PLE M E N T

                          K y-xvA P RocrAMATloxs, R ucrs ANn R EGCIZATIONS
                                                 (No 27)
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