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21 July 1936

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1936-07-21 number 38

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                                                         TH E
                   OFFICIAL GA ZETTE
                                               0F TH E

            Publlshed under the A uthorlty of H is Excellency the G ovem or of tlze
                             Colony and Protectorate ol K enya

  Vol.XXXVIIL- NO. 38                   NAIROBI,July 21, 1936                             P H ce 50 Cents
  Rejlstered as a Newspaper ai the (1 P 0                                          Publlshed every Tqesday

                                 T A BLE O F CO N T E N T S
 frovt Notlce N o 434- Arrn als, D epartures, Appolntm ents, et(                                            704
                11 435- For Introductlon lnto L eglslpta:e Count1l- A B lllte A lter tlle 'flnliuw ltl4-
                           m the Colony and Protectorate of K en&a                                          705
'Proclam atlon N o 51- The D lseases of Anlm als Ordlnance                                                  706
tlovf N oflre N o 436-.438- 7711e N atlve A utllozltv O rdlnanee- ztppolntm ents                            70b
                   439- The Justlces of the P eace Ozcllnanee- A ppolntm ent                                707
                   440- T11e N atn e Chrlstlan M arrlage ancl D lvorce O rdlnctnee, 1931- Appolnt-
                             m ents                                                                         7U7
                    441- The Czop Productlon and L 1Ne,Stock Oldlnance,1926 ,The N atlve lllow n
                             Coffee R ules, 1934- ./ 6 G row lng of R obusta Coftee b/ N atlvcs             74.7
                    442- T1,
                           1e Tlout Protectlon Ordlnance, 1928- l4eslgnatlon ()t H onorpls Trout
                             W azden                                                                        707
                    443- B oarcl of A grlculture- c ouht -&d:lhol& Conam ltiee A ppolntm eur                7t)7
                    444- 5 6 Consul for Flance                                                              708
  ,,                445- The K en)a Cotton R ules- ftc Old Cotton Plctnts                                   7f38
                   446- Tlze Lotal Governm ent (M unlclpalltzes) Oldlnanc,e lgz8- Appolntm ent,
                           E ldoret                                                                         708
                    447- The Tracllng Centres Ordln ance,1932- J)eclaratlon ot Tradlng Centre               708
                    448- A s1an Clellcal Staff- Appolntm ents Confirm ecl                                   708
    ,,     ,      ,  449- Tlle M lnlng O rdlnance, 1933- C1rtlm s '
                                                                  tballdoned                                709
t.;anelal N otltcs N os 834-874                                                                             709

                                               SU PPL E M E NT

                            K ENYA PnocLAMATloxs, Ttcrœ s AND REGCIM IONS
                                                         (No 28)
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