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1 September 1936

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1936-09-01 number 44

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                                        / A4t
                                        z                       %            .-

                                                 *                       N

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                                                           r   œO*
                                            Aw                                    #

                                                           TH E
                     O FFICIA L GA ZETTE
                                                 0F TH E
                                            K EN YA
              PubEshed under the Authorlty ol Ilis Excellency the G overnor of the
                              C olony and Protectorate of Kenya

  Vol. XY%W II.- No. 44              NAm OBI, Septem ber 1, 1936                              Prlee 59 Con'm
  Rejlstered as a New spaper atthe G P 0                                                Publlsàed every Tuesday

                                 TA B LE O F CO N T EN T S
                                                                                                            PAG E
G ovt N otlce No 518- A rr1vals, D epaltures, Appolntm ents, etc                                             816
                   519- P ubllshed for Crltlelsm A B ll1R elatm g to D lstress fol R ent                     817
                   Jzo- obltuaiy                                                                             833
Ptot-lam atlons Nos 62-G3- T1le D lseases of A nlm als Ordlnante                                             833
Go'vt N otlce N o ,-
                   721- T1le L eglslatlve Councll Ordlnante- A ppom tm ent                                   834
                   522- The Ooults O ldlnanee, lg3l- A ppolntm ent                                           834
                ,, .523- The N atlve A uthorlty Ordlnance- Appom tm ent                                      834
                   524- The N atlve Authollty O rdln lnce- Appolntznents and.Term lnatlon of A p-
                           pom tm ents                                                                       835
                   J25- L aw E xam lnatlon- p asses                                                          835
                   526- C1rcular 'e Professolshap of Soclal Anthlopology at Oxfold U nlverslty               836
  ,,     ,,     ,,   527- K enya and Uganda (Tlanspolt)Oldelln Councll,lgzs- Appolntm entto
                             R allw ay A dvlsoly Councll                                                     836
                ,,   528- The Tuoeai Govelnm ent (Dlstrlct Counclls) Ordlnance, 1928- Nomm a-
                             tlon, N yanza                                                                   8B6
   1     ZA     ,,   529- The B rancllng of SLock Oldlnance, 1907- Qraltel1y Statem ent of Brands
                           R eglsteled                                                                       836
G eneralN otlces N os 1032-1061                                                                              837

                            I&FXNA P laocLAMATIOX s Itlptzrs Axo R EGILATIONR
                                                           (No 33)
                               PR IN IBD BY TH E GOV ER NM ISN T PRIN TER , N ATR OBI
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