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15 September 1936

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1936-09-15 number 46

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                                                            TH E
                      OFFICIA L GA ZETTE
                                                     0F TH E
                                           K EN Y A
              Publlshed under the Authore of Hls Exeelleney tlze Govem or ol the
                                    Colony and Protectorate of Kenya

   Vol. XXXVHL- NO. 46                 NAm OBI, Septem ber 15, 1936                                         Prlce 50 Cent:
   Reglstered as a New spapep atthe G P 0                                                            Publlshed eyery Tuesday

                                   T A BLE O F CO N T E N T S
G o&t N otzce N o 545- F oz Introductlon znto Leglslatlve Counczl- A B zllto Am end the European Oë cers'
                            Penszons O rdlnance, 1927                                                                     869
                      - -F01- Introductzon znto Legzslatzve Counczl- A B,11 to A m end tlze J'uventles Ordzn-
                            anee, 1934                                                                                    871
                   547- F or Introductzon lnto Legzslatlve Councll- A B zll to A m end the non-European
                           Oë cers' P enslons Ozdznance, 1932                                                             873
   ;)     'y    )) 548- A IrIva1) D epartures, Appolntm ents, etc                                                         875
P zoclam atlon N o 65- The D kseases of A nlm als O ldlnance                                                              876
G ovt N otxce N o 549- Obttuary                                                                                           876
P roclam atlon N o 66- The D lseases of Anlm als Ordlnanee                                                                876
G ovt N otzce N o sso- L anguaaes Boazd- A ppozntm ent                                                                    876
                   551- The N atlve Authozlty Ozdlnance- Appolntm ent                                                     877
                   552- A w ard oi the Colonlal Pollce and Flre Brlgades Lollg Servlce M edal                             877
   :1     1:    ,, ss3- A ppolntm ent of Actlng J'udge                                                                    877
           ,    ,, 554-  The  N atw e Lands  Tr ust  01dlnance, 1930- L and Seb A part for D evelopm ent of
                           M lnezal R esouzces                                                                            877
                   555-557- T11e E uropean Ol cers' Penslons O rdlnance, 1927--r6 Penszonable Oë ces                      878
                   558- The Trout Protectlon O rdlnance, lgz8- xippolntm ent of Trout W arden                             878
   o,     ,)    ,, 559- The Trout P rotectlon Ordlnance, 1928- N otlce ln R elatzon to Trout Fzshlng on the
                           Gura R kvel                                                                                    879
                   560- The Farm ers A sslstance Ozdlnance, lg3c/- Appolntm ent to Concllzatlon B oard                    879
                    561- The Local Governm ent (M unlclpalltles) Ordlnance)1928- Nom1natlon, Nalrobz                      879
         y,    ,,   562- The M xnlng Ozdlnance, 1933- E xcluslve Prospectlng Llcenees R enewed                            879
               ,,   563- The K enya and U ganda R allw ay Ozdlnance, 1927- FoIm of Conszgnm ent N ote
                          Apploved                                                                                        880
   ),    ,,     ,) 564- The M znzng O rdknance, 1933- C1a1m s Abandoned                                                   882
G enera! llotlces 'los 1094-1122                                                                                          882

                                                     SU P PLE M E N T

                              K ENYA P uocLAMAvloxs, R CLES AxD R EGULATIONS
                                                            (No 35)
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