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3 October 1936

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1936-10-03 number 49

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                                                   TH E
                 OFFICIA L GA ZETTE
                                            0F TH E
       CO LO N Y A N 9 PR O TECTO R A TE
                                       K EN Y A .
                               (SPECIAL ISSUE)
            Publlshed under '%e A uthorlty of H 1 Exeellency the G overnor ol 'he
                             C olony and Protectorate of K enya

 Vol.XXXVm .- NO. 49                 N Am OBI, Oetober 3, 1936                        PH ce 50 Cent:
  Rem stered as a N ewspaper at the G P O

                                T A B LE O F C O N T E N T S

                                                                                                       PA G E
C ovt N otloe N o 608- For lntlocluetlon lnto L eglslAtu e Countll- A B 11l to Provlde for the P ay-
                          m ent of an A nnual Poll Tax by N on-N atw es                                 949
                   609- For lntroductlon qnto L eglslatlA() Councll- A B lll to Tm pose a Tax upon
                          lneoroes ancl to E egulate the Collectlon thereof                             955
                   6lo- M em orandum on the P roposed l'ntlotluctzon ol Incom e Tax and tl4e
                           Consequentëalltevlslon of N GIIN atlve Taxatlon                              999
                   611- For Tntloduetlon znto L eglslatlve Lountul- tk B ll1 to ProvldE fol the

                           fuleenslng of Traders v lthm the Colony 4nd to fix the L ltenee F ees
                           Pavable                                                               1011
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